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These are "old" links that I moved here to "de-clutter" the main page. They are in no particular order:

Decreasing Intermod on the Kenwood TM-733A dual-band mobile transceiver - This describes a modification that can greatly reduce the susceptibility of this (otherwise fine) mobile rig to intermodulation response due to strong signals.

Substituting the SRF7043 in the Yaesu FT-100 -  Unfortunately, one of the more trouble-prone components in the Yaesu FT-100 is also one of the most expensive and difficult-to-get:  The VHF/UHF Final Amplifier transistor.  This page provides some details of a usable (but not perfect) replacement device.

Programming the Pictiva OLED Display -  This has some very basic information on how to "talk" to the Pictiva (tm) OLED (Organic LED) display - but ONLY the now-obsolete Osram OS128064PK16MY0A01 - which is the 128x64 serial version. Please read the disclaimer at the top of the page before you do anything!

Narrow-bandwidth TV IF filter for the Icom R-7000 receiver - If you use an R-7000 receiver for analog TV DXing (or are intested in TV DXing in general) you might be interested in how narrower-bandwidth signals can help pull out weak TV signals.  Note that this applies only to analog video transmissions and is not applicable to digital.

The Utah T1 Modem page -  This has a brief description of a T1-rate modem that I built some years ago, long before wireless internet devices such as those that used "802.anything" were available.  Circuit description, theory of operation, and schematics are available online.  This page also tells you were you can't get kits for this modem...

My participation in the ARRL FMT (Frequency Measurement Test) - A now-annual event that allows participants to test their frequency-measurement techniques and equipment in a real-world way.  It hasn't been updated recently.

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