The Utah T1-Rate Modem page
by Clint, KA7OEI

Updated 20020201

This is a "quick-and-dirty" page that I set up to describe the T1-rate modem that I designed several years ago (in 1993, actually...)  Let me point out that unless you are going to use this on wires, this modem is absolutely useless to anyone other than licensed amateur radio operators:  It does NOT intrinsically lend itself to FCC part 15 operation.

Terms of usage of the designs referenced on this and my other pages:

You are free to experiment with this design as much as you want.  All I ask is that you do so legally and, if you make any improvements and refinements, you let me know what you have done so that I can share them with others as well.

Firstly, let me tell you what this modem is NOT:

What this modem IS: Now, having said all of this, I'll describe a typical application of this modem: You make it sound so simple.  What's the catch? Some thoughts on the design: Ok, I was planning to just use a pair of Gunn Transceivers, which are full-duplex, right?  But you said that these won't work.  What's the problem? Enough with the talk already, so where's the modem? Ok, I'm willing to actually plug in a soldering iron and jump in and build something. Where do I get some of the radio things?
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