The Email Address Page

Because of SPAM
(hopefully not sent by you...)
you have reached this page.

Please note:

I can be reached at:

kay ayy sevuhn owe eee eye at ewe ess ess see dawt calm
Do NOT click on the above for the email address - it will NOT work! 
Simply type it into your email client.

Or, in phonetic format - just in case you can't read it or don't have a graphical browser:

"kay ayyy sevunn owe eee eye aat ewe ess ess see dawt calm"

(say it aloud if it doesn't make sense...)

My email address above is in machine non-readable formats.  The problem is that I just get WAY too much SPAM, with my address having been "harvested" from the web pages.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but you'll just have to type in the email address manually.

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