Obtaining chips with the firmware for the
Projects described at this web site

Availability of chips for the DF (Direction-Finding) gear:

If you are interested in any of those, the same general rules outlined above apply, but feel free to contact me for more information.

How to pay:

Typically, payment is via PayPal.  Even though they get their "cut", I find that well worth letting them go through the hassle of transferring money - particularly for overseas transactions.

If you are interested in some of these chips, contact me using the link below and ask for the payment address.

Please make sure that you contact me for the PayPal payment address and to verify all information before you send any money:  I want to make sure that any questions that you may have are properly answered before you spend your money, make sure that you get what you really intend to get, as well as to verify the costs! 
If you know how much these chips actually cost, you can see that I'm not trying to get rich!

Doppler III Filter Clock object code:

If you have the chip and the means to do so, please note that object code for the Doppler III filter clock is available here in the event that you wish to program it yourself. 

Note that this code is functionally identical to the original - but is not in any way based on the original code as I'd not ever seen the code at the time that I wrote it.  This .HEX file is targeted to be programmed into a PIC12F675 and simply outputs a 98.04 kHz signal with a 20 MHz input drive signal - that is, it simply divides the 20 MHz input by 204 by using a bunch of "watchdog restart" instructions to delay toggles of the output clock line.  This filter clock rate yields a bandpass frequency very close to 500 Hz.

The .HEX code for programming this same functionality into a PIC12F683 is available on request.

Other chips that are available:

There are a few other chips that are available that aren't related to amateur radio direction finding, including:

Solar panel charge controller:

Here are the .HEX files for the solar panel charge controller as described on the web page:  "A Simple, effective, yet inefficient solar charge controller!"

Right-click and "Save As" to download a .HEX file

For additional questions about any of these, or for pricing and availability, please contact me using the link at the bottom of this page, but generally the pricing will be comparable to the chips listed above.

What is NOT available:

The only components that are available from me are the pre-programmed chips themselves.  Here's a short list of the sorts of things that are not available - and why:


This code was originally based on that of the original Montreal Doppler II DF unit by Jacques Brodeur, VE2EMM, and full credit is given to him for this fine work.

Although good faith efforts have been made to make certain that the operation of the hardware/firmware is as described, it is possible that "undocumented features" (bugs) may be present:  It is through testing, use, and feedback from the users that projects such as this may be improved, and the user is asked to be understanding of this fact.  This firmware is strictly intended only for non-commercial amateur-radio use and any other use is in violation of applicable laws.

Additional note:  Neither the author or UARC officially endorse any vendors mentioned above or assume any responsibility for the use of the devices/products described herein.  The level and satisfaction of performance of any of the above is largely based on the skill and experience of the operator.  Your mileage may vary.

Do you want to get some chips, or do you have any questions on this or other DF-related topics?  Go here.

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