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Some "Quirks" of the '817

Front panel view of my FT-817
A Front-panel view of the FT-817.

Whether you call it a bug, a "quirk," or an undocumented feature, pretty much everything computer-operated has some aspect of it that is either not intuitive, not as the manual says it is (if the manual says it at all...) or just plain goofy.  The '817 is no exception.

Here is a growing list of things about the '817 that you may have not known.  Some of these are readily obvious (if you read the manual, that is) and other are so obscure, you wonder who had so much time on their hands that they were able to figure it out.

These come from a variety of different sources and where possible, I'll attribute them.

They are in no particular order:  Consider that to be another quirk!

The above may be demonstrated in the following way:

Thanks to all that have contributed!

Do you have a quirk to add?  If so, email it to me and I might put it on the list.  (I'm quirky about that...)

Work continues - please revisit soon!

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