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Schematic Diagrams

Front panel view of my FT-817
A Front-panel view of my FT-817. 

FT-817 Schematic and Block Diagrams.  These have been converted from the .PDF documents originally found on the FCC web site into bitmap .GIF at an equivalent resolution of 300dpi.  These images have also been cropped (without removing any information) to reduce their bitmap size.  Note:  The original .PDFs have since been removed from the FCC web site.

Note:  Due to their large bitmap size, it may not be possible to display and/or print some of these images directly from your browser.  You may need to save the image to disk and print using another program.  Most images are best printed in landscape mode.

A note concerning some of the larger images (such as the "Panel Unit"):

A tip from a reader:

"...[A] readable copy of the Main unit schematic [may be printed by]... chang[ing the] pixels per inch from 72 to 250 [in an image editing program]. This allowed me to upload it to Staples's website and have an Engineering Print done on 24" X 36" paper. Total cost was about $3.50."

Thanks Alan!

If you can't print on larger paper, then I'm afraid that you'll have to be resourceful - possibly printing it on several pages using a drawing program.

Important note for users of Internet Explorer(tm):

The diagrams:

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