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About the Wednesday Night Hikes:

The Wednesday Night Hikes typically occur after work on Wednesday Evening from early June (when enough snow melts from the trails) through to the fall equinox (when there is too little daylight) with the group meeting in the parking lot at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon at 6:00 PM with coordination typically occurring on the UARC 146.62 repeater.   Upon gathering in the parking lot, the group will decide on a destination for that night's hike.  Occasionally, if there are major conflicts in schedules (or really bad weather) a "Wednesday Night Hike" may occur on a Tuesday or Thursday night.

While the destination is generally one of the forks of Big Cottonwood Canyon, a destination in Little Cottonwood or Millcreek canyon may be picked instead:  For this reason, it is recommended that you monitor the repeater on your way to the parking lot in the event of a change of meeting places that would better accommodate that night's destination.

Remember:  Anyone may come along on the hike. 
While it turns out that most of those going on these hikes happen to be amateur radio operators, this is definitely not a requirement.  While some of these hikes may be somewhat strenuous they are usually within the realm of possibility for almost anyone.  There are often three groups going up the same trail, keeping in touch via radio:  Those that are fast, those that are not fast, and those that are half-slow.  At the turnaround point (or somewhere in the middle, if a loop is being done) the group gathers, allowing those who aren't as fast to catch up.  If you aren't in very good shape (which is, in itself, a pretty good reason to go) just do the best you can:  After a few hikes, you'll be surprised at how much better you'll be able to do.

When we get to our destination, we often marvel at the amazing scenery and pose for a group picture.
The group, having gathered above the Prince of Wales mine

These "Wednesday Night Hikes" have been occurring for about two decades now and consists of an informal group of people who have decided that they can tolerate each other for the duration of a hike.  Note that this group is not associated with the Wasatch Mountain club which often meets at about the same time in the same place.

If you decide to participate:

If you decide to participate in these hikes, there are a few things that you should bring:

Wednesday Night Hikes from previous years
Make sure that you bring a flashlight as we often find ourselves hiking in the dark -  even before the sun goes down...
Silhouette of a hiker, Scotts Hill


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