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A view of the as-received "440 Yagi Beam Antenna" sold by "Electronicsales425" on Ebay.
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It was noted that this particular user ID is no longer to be found on Ebay, so this means that products of this quality will have to be obtained from other sources.  It is possible that the user simply created another ID and continues to sell pieces of similar quality.

Several years ago a friend of mine bought four of these "440 Yagi Beam Antenna" as sold on Ebay by "Electronicsales425" for approximately $22 each and upon receipt of these antennas, he could not say enough good things about them.  He also inferred that no price would be too high for an antenna of this quality!

Being impressed by them in this manner, he asked me to take a look at them - and I must say that they are like no antenna that I have seen before.

This antenna has a number of interesting features, including:

J-shaped feed on
                  the Yagi. Without a matching network, there is little
                  fear of detuning!
 The unique "J-shaped" driven element.
Note how the two wires comprising the "open-wire" feedline attach to the driven element.
Without a matching network, there's little fear of it detuning due to rain, snow or ice!
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Open-wire feedline
                  for the UHF antenna consisting of pieces of
                  PVC-covered plastic wire.
The unique "J-shaped" driven element and the open-wire feedline.
Observe how the two strands comprising the open-wire feedline are cleverly routed into the boom.
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End-mounted UHF
                  connector. Note how its clever mounting prevents you
                  from accidentally tightening the UHF connector!
The end-mounted UHF connector. 
The open-wire feed connects to this single-hole UHF connector.  As you can see, the use of this style of UHF connector and the relatively thick wall of the ABS cap takes up most of the threads of the UHF connector - as evidenced by the the connector  to the left showing the comparison.
As I'm sure that you'll agree, this lesser amount of exposed threads prevents one from being able to screw the connector on all of the way an "bottoming out" the connector and thus it may reduce the likelihood of the threads galling and being unable to remove connector the antenna.
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Note how the Yagi's
                  return loss is well under 5dB over the band!
The return loss of the antenna, centered at 450 MHz.
This shows the return loss from 350 MHz to 550 MHz with no more than 5 db of return loss at 450 MHz!  As you can see, excessive return loss is no problem over the "440 Band" range for which this antenna was designed!
When the 3 foot coaxial cable jumper was removed and the antenna was connected with a barrel to the directional coupler, the return loss was less than 2db!
(Major horizontal divisions are 20 MHz and major vertical divisions are 10 db, with the "zero" line being the major division below the frequency readout.)

As you can see from the quality of the construction and design of this specimen, it is likely that no antenna will perform as well as this one does and that this antenna cannot be recommended too highly!

It need not be said how lucky you would be to get an antenna such as this to work well for you!

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P.S.  I have no pecuniary interest in this antenna or its seller.  I have offered what I believed to be a fair opinion based on the evaluation of one of four identically-constructed units from the seller's production.

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