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The "Room Temperature I.Q." club:
(In celcius, in case you were wondering...)

Every once in a while I'll get an email from someone who disagrees with me on some point.

Actually, I think that that's great:  There is a good chance that that person knows more about that than I do about their chosen topic - and this is an opportunity to learn from this person and, more than once, I have updated the information on the page so that others will benefit as well.

Occasionally, I'll get an email that is...  well...  I don't know...  Perhaps they are having a bad day - and they just had to vent their spleen.

 Anyway, here's an example - apparently in response to the "Out of band modifications" section of the FT-817 Modifications page:

"you know what?  You're a f*** a***.  Who died at the FCC and made you the almighty authority on f*** out-of-band tx mods for the FT-817 and their legality?  Someone should cold-cock you off your high horse and in a hurry, you arrogant s***."
As you might expect, this email was courageously sent through an anonymizing email server.  Interestingly, the sender went through all of the trouble of using an anonymizer but made a stupid error in the message itself that pretty much negated those efforts.  (Sigh...  The room was particularly cold that day...)


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