Other 10 GHz-related pictures
from January 22, 2005

Ron, K7RJ on the traverse range above Draper, Utah:
The vantage point of Ron, K7RJ, during the contest, above the fog Another view of Ron's 10 GHz station, above the fog.
Ron, K7RJ, working Charlie, N7MLD on 10 GHz WFM
Another shot of Ron working Charlie on 10 Gig WFM.
Top two:  The vantage point of Ron, K7RJ, above the valley fog.
Bottom two:  Ron, working N7MLD in DN31 from the tranverse range above Draper.  (Sorry about the slight blur - Ron was moving when I took the bottom-right picture...)
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John (K7JL's) 10 GHz FM microwave transceiver:
Front view of John Lloyd's TR10GA gunn transceiver
Another view of the gunn transceiver
The business end of the gunn transceiver
Yet another view of the 10 GHz gunn transceiver.
John, K7JL, used a commercially-made 10 GHz transceiver, the venerable TR10GA made by ARR.  This unit is a self-contained 10 GHz FM transceiver with built-in 30 MHz IF receiver, capable of both wide (300 KHz) and (optional) narrowband (45 KHz) operation with AFC and it has the option of being able to separate the 10 GHz RF unit from the rest of the radio.
John operated from his roof in Sandy during the contest.  Unfortunately, he has only the one tripod, so he wasn't able to take a picture of himself on his roof.
Occasionally, these units may be found second-hand for a reasonable price (as John did.)
This receiver has been modified to include a narrowband (45 KHz) filter - normally an extra-cost option:  This filter was removed from a scrapped satellite demodulator.
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